Our Philosophy

The main delivery system of this course is going to be live videos as they are the most engaging. Once in a while, such as in these introductory lessons we'll use text so you can skim through quickly based on your interest. In the following few segments we will explain the core concepts and challenges that web developers face, but before that, let's talk about how we can make this fun, challenging and rewarding for you.

In this day and age, learning needs to be something that resembles a conversation; - to learn new things you need to be engaged and active. It is incredibly hard to stay engaged if you passively watch a video or read a book.

I can tell you from research pulled from my Masters in "Education and Technology" that it’s so important for you to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and go to places you feel uncomfortable. We’ve build an interactive community where you should feel safe asking questions and/or interacting with me without any fears or hesitations. I’m fully and personally committed to your success and having taught thousands of students, know that the key to your success is our live communications. If I know what your difficulties and challenges are, I can help you. As we build up your proficiency confidence, you will be able to help other students and turn this into a truly vibrant, interactive learning experience.

With that said, casually introduce yourself so throughout the course we can imagine the face and personality behind your computer.

In the next segment, we will jump right into getting familiar with the environment that will be our habitat in the hours to come.

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